Riverdale Baptist Church


Refugee Sponsorship Initiatives

The Ahmet family is settling in to their new home and new routine. During the week, the three kids (Muhammed, Sadik and Dunya) catch their bus to school, and their parents (Yaser and Semra) take the city bus down to the Multicultural Centre for adult English classes. The whole family is eager to learn English and they often compete with each other to find the right words first! The kids especially love to help their parents with their homework and tell them how how to say things properly!

The boys started playing soccer with the Whitehorse Minor Soccer league, and are some of the most attentive players on the field, carefully watching what their coach and other teammates are doing. Meanwhile, Dunya is taking piano lessons. Yaser works part-time as a mechanic for Sid-Rock and Semra susses out necessary ingredients to prepare delicious Syrian meals.

We recently heard from our second sponsored family in Iraq - they were expecting to receive an interview with Immigration Canada this past week; however, the interview team returned to Canada without having interviewed the family, so the committee is reaching out to our MP and the Federal Government in attempts to determine what happened. We are hopeful for an imminent resolution, and plan to continue moving forward with our plans for this family's eventual arrival in Whitehorse. Please pray particularly for this family and the situation. 

If you want to be involved with the families, or have further questions about how you can help, please contact the church office to get in touch with one of our committee members). 

One hundred percent of funds raised will go towards the resettlement of two Syrian refugee families in Whitehorse. To date, monetary donations total $45,600, including RBC family $11,450, truffle sales $4073, Whitehorse Community $9,200, United Church $4,800, Church of Nazarene $1000 and Yukon Cares $15,000. The funds provided by Yukon Cares are the equivalent we would have been eligible for through the blended visa program referred to above. Additionally, the Government of Yukon matched our fundraising efforts with $18,500.

If you would like to assist financially, the committee strongly encourages gift cards. Otherwise, cheques are to be made out to Riverdale Baptist Church. Pledges are separate from regular giving at church so please clearly label the purpose of the pledge gift card/money/cheque as: Refugee Sponsorship. Other ways to help include a variety of tasks from setting up bank accounts, helping with tax forms or grocery shopping, and offering friendship and prayers, etc. Please download a How I Can Help form here, and return it to Hillary or any other committee member.

"For the ministry of this service is not only supplying the needs of the saints but is also overflowing in many thanksgivings to God." 2 Corinthians: 9-12

Thank you again to everyone for their support, interest and prayers!

Any questions? Talk to our committee members:

-Dave Eikelboom (financial pledges)
-Hillary Gladish (communications/how you can help)
-Kaitlyn Kwok/Sarah Aasman (donations of material goods)
-Gina Anderson (general inquiries)

Soup Kitchen

Each Saturday the Whitehorse Catholic Church offers a soup kitchen. This is a joint venture by a number of churches and Riverdale Baptist takes a regular turn at providing soup, buns and a warm greeting to all who drop in.

Copper Ridge Place

Riverdale Baptist is responsible for conducting the Sunday service at Copper Ridge once a month. This service is presented by volunteers from among our members, and occasionally by the youth group.

Field Workers

Riverdale Baptist regularly supports a number of field workers all over the world. If you would like more information, please see the bulletin boards and the table in the foyer.